zim maize.jpgCrops worth several thousands of dollars have been destroyed by a heavy hail storm that hit the Kintyre Estates near Norton this afternoon.


Farmers at Kintyre Estates near Norton are counting their losses after 10 hectares of potatoes, carrots, maize and cabbage among others were destroyed by a heavy hail storm that hit the area this Saturday afternoon.


The hail that fell over the farming area also affected traffic along the Bulawayo road resulting in traffic accidents.


Speaking to ZBC News the manager of CAG Fruit and Veggie Farm, Mr. Smart Chitengo said he had never experienced such a hail storm in his lifetime.


“Really don’t know what to do…………………. Its God’s way of doing his things but don’t know what I am going to do…” said Chitengo.


The driver of one of the vehicles which was involved in an accident due to the hail storm was in a state of shock. However a farm worker from an adjacent farm Amos Kanguru saw how it happened.

Last year several farmers in Mashonaland West’s Hurungwe area lost thousands of dollars worth of tobacco to hailstorms.


Their crop had not been insured. Just last week a Beatrice farmer lost US$48 000 dollars worth of tobacco crop due to another hail storm.


With global warming taking its toll on agriculture, farmers are facing challenges as the rains are either too little or excessive.