The Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) Film Department, working together with the Charles Austin Theatre has produced its first ever movie titled: ‘Solo naMutsai,’ whose launch has been set for this Friday.

The mentioning of the names Solo naMutsai brings to mind the popular hit by the Devera  Ngwena Jazz Band, which sang about the love between two characters; Solo and Mutsai, whose love is so strong that nothing can separate them.

However unlike in the song , where Solo and Mutsai`s love thrive, in the movie the two love birds experience a lot of challenges which rock their relationship once they get to university.

Co-producer of the movie, Charles Munganasa narrated that the film centres on Solo and Mutsai, who hail from Charumbira village in Masvingo and get sponsorship from a local member of parliament to study at the GZU.

Life at the university is not easy and Mutsai is enticed by a rich business man who impregnants her, leaving Solo heartbroken.

“The film was shot in and around Masvingo. The project is to initiate a film department that works at GZU. We just came in with the technical expertise but the students and lectures did the rest,” said Munganasa.

Julia Yule , a lecturer at the university, who co-produced the movie, said their aim is to enable parents and children to openly talk about the challenges found at university openly once they watch the movie.

“This movie gives a platform for parents and children to open up about university life. There is a lot that goes on and it would help if they can have open discussions,” he said.

The producers believe that the movie will have a greater impact as university students tell the story based on their experiences.