The government and the Gweru City Council have put together measures to contain the typhoid outbreak with vendors in the central business district of Gweru being ordered out of the city until the outbreak has been contained.

Health and Child Care Minister Dr David Parirenyatwa says the situation in Gweru is still not pleasing and expressed deep concern over the continued fluctuating typhoid cases being recorded.

He said the figures were shifting back and forth because many were self-treating themselves and only seeking medical attention when they would already have had complications.

More than 400 people have been treated of typhoid so far in Gweru.

Dr Parirenyatwa, who was speaking during his second visit to Gweru since the typhoid outbreak was declared last week, said priority is to analyse all the water in the city to make sure it is safe to drink.

The government on the other hand has ordered all vendors to leave the CBD until the typhoid crisis has been resolved.

Statistics from the health ministry indicate seven people have since died from the disease following its outbreak while the National Youth Games that were set for the Midlands capital have since been postponed to December.