Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Cde Saviour Kasukuwere has fired Gweru Mayor Councillor Hamutendi Kombayi and Councillor Kenneth Sithole after recommendations from the independent tribunal.

The tribunal found the two guilty of allegations of misconduct and mismanagement of council funds.

Komabyi found guilty by an independent tribunal on allegations of misconduct and mismanagement of council funds.

Announcing the dismissal of Hamutendi Kombayi and Councillor Kenneth Sithole, Minister Kasukuwere said after completing its investigations the independent tribunal recommended that Kombayi and Sithole be relieved of their duties.

“The independent tribunal completed its investigations and recommended that Mayor Hamutendi Kombayi and Councilor Kenneth Sithole be discharged of their duties. They were found guilty of the charges they were facing. Other councillors although they were found guilty have been reengaged,” said Minister Kasukuwere.

Cde Kasukuwere went on to applaud the chairperson of the caretaker commission whose tenure has also come to an end for their sterling work which he said has brought sanity in the City of Gweru.

Chairperson of the outgoing commission that has been running Gweru Council affairs for the past two years Tsungai Mhangami implored the councillors to take the City of Gweru to its former glory days were its fiscus and service delivery were second to none.

Minister Kasukuwere who was accompanied by his Permanent Secretary Engineer George Mlilo announced the end of the tenure of the Mhangami led commission and the handing over of the reigns to the new town clerk Mrs Elizabeth Kwatipedza who begins duty next month.