A Gweru businessman, Mr Douglas Kwande says it is possible to produce quality wheat that can be used to bake quality bread in the country and avoid imports to save the scarce foreign currency that Zimbabwe needs.

This was revealed when Mr Kwande shared his baking business success story with cabinet this Tuesday.

Mr Kwande is a farmer, retailer and a baker and the wheat he produces is of the required standard for baking.

The bread he bakes is of the required standard in terms of texture, weight and quality.

To augment his wheat supplies, he also buys from other farmers who produce equally quality wheat.

Mr Kwande said he has been baking and selling bread for the Gweru community for the last two years and could do more for other towns if he had more bakeries.

Mr Kwande was invited by the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Cde Mangaliso Ndlovu to showcase the quality of his product and to explain how he has been using 100 percent Zimbabwean wheat to produce high quality bread that meets the required standard.

The baker explained to cabinet that he has managed to keep his market satisfied in the face of the current bread shortages and rampant price hikes prevailing on the bread market.

The revelation comes at a time when some milling companies are reluctant to support wheat farmers to produce the quality ingredient required by the baking industry.

They are always knocking on the door of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) requesting for foreign currency which they allegedly spin on the black market, while using a smaller portion to import the ingredient.

Some market watchers have urged the government to offer higher prices to farmers who deliver high quality wheat that is needed by the baking industry and desist from the one price fits all payment system.