Away from command agriculture business Gwebi students take time to sing and dance songs that support them in their agriculture business.

When we talk of Gwebi College in Zimbabwe, farming quickly comes to mind for many but the extra curricula activities by college students include song writing, singing and dancing.

The students who spoke to the ZBC News said music plays a pivotal role in everyday life and activities such as farming, funeral ceremonies, graduations and parties.

The college choir which is made up of 46 members has penned some songs to support their cause which include ‘Pamamonya Ipapo’, ‘Mauya paGwebi’, ‘Mwana Anoita Rombe’ and ‘Madzidziro Atinoita’.

One of the choir coordinator Peter Phiri said like in the liberation struggle music keeps students going.

Although the choir has not recorded any song so far every year Gwebi builds a new choir from the newly recruited students training for a Diploma in Agriculture.