As part of the digitilisation programme, repair work at the Gwanda transmitter site, which had been previously condemned, is moving according to plan with indications that other sites are also being attended to.

While some of the transmitter sites like Karoi, Gweru, Gwanda and Chiredzi had been condemned owing to failure by constructors to follow laid out dictates, second opinions were sort by the Zim Digital team with recommendations made for each site.

Three teams are currently on the ground doing repair work in Gweru, Karoi and Gwanda as per the recommendations.

A visit to Gwanda by the Zim Digital team revealed that work was progressing well with the technical team chairperson, Mr Matthias Chakanyuka indicating that they hope to complete the job on time.

Mr Chakanyuka also took the opportunity to express his apologies to residents of Gwanda and surrounding areas as they would be experiencing interruptions in broadcasting services during the repair work.

Zim Digital rigger, Mr Never Chamutinya indicated that the work being done on the Gwanda site involves moving the positions of FM and television transmitters to the most ideal height as well as removing rust that had accumulated on the tower.

As part of the digitilisation programme, seven new digital transmitter sites are set to be installed by the end of November, while repair work on already existing sites is expected to be completed by the end of October.