A 33 year old Gwanda man is appealing for help as a snake like creature that has been living inside his body for the past 12 year is causing him misery and affecting his marriage.


From the outside Mr Bee looks like a normal 33 year old, but the father of two is being tormented by what he describes as a snake living inside his boby.


Everyday for the past 12 years, he has to endure a painful tingling sensation moving from his back to his genitals.


The problem is also affecting his marriage as he sometimes feels like he is being intimate with the “creature”.


Mr Bee is appealing to anyone who can assist him and his elder brother who is also afflicted by the same condition.


The siblings believe their problem is an act of witchcraft.


Mr Bee says he tried to get assistance from men’s clinics in South Africa while prophets and traditional healers have also failed to resolve the mystery that has caused untold suffering to the two brothers.


Anyone willing to help can get hold of Mr Bee on 0713 154 546