The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has commended Gwanda municipality for constructing a new landfill which meets requirements stipulated in Statutory Instrument 6 of 2007.

Residents of Gwanda and the environmental watchdog have been raising concern over failure by the local authority to properly dispose about 7.3 tonnes of waste produced by the town.

Gwanda Town Council is currently dumping waste at an open site opposite Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo College, thereby posing a health risk to nearby residents.

However, thanks to the intervention of World Vision and Australians aid under the water sanitation and hygiene programme construction of a new land fill on the outskirts of the town is taking shape. 

The town’s Secretary, Ms Priscillah Nkala said the old dumpsite is expected to be decommissioned once the project has been completed and the requisite equipment procured.

According to EMA, Gwanda municipality is among the few local authorities that have complied with Statutory Instrument 6 of 2007, which stipulates that all new landfills should be lined.

To address poor solid waste management, local authorities are also required to come up with practical strategies to deal with the environmental challenges in their areas.