disabled-children.jpgThe Zimbabwe Women Writers say there is need for the government to enact legislation that protects and guarantees the rights of people with disabilities to alleviate their emotional and psychological suffering.


Following the launch of a nationwide programme to document the real life experiences of mothers who have children with disabilities, the Acting Director of the Women Writers Association, Ms Eresina Hwede said they hope that the information they will gather will influence policy change and a legislative agenda that promotes the rights of these children as well as their mothers.


“We hope to influence policy so that these people are everyone’s responsibility.”


“We have published a book that chronicles the challenges faced by most of the women who have disabled children,” said Ms Hwede.


Mothers with children living with disabilities suffer from emotional stress and trauma due to society’s stigma.


The heart rending real life stories narrated by these women are clear indication of their suffering in silence.


Some women who have children with the condition say life is very difficult for them as in most cases their husbands leave them as disability is often interpreted as a curse to the family.


The subject of disability is one area most people would want to turn a blind eye on and hope the next person will deal with it.


However the harsh reality on the ground is that disability is there to stay and there is need for a deliberate policy to ensure that people living with such conditions are cared for and to make it everyone’s responsibility.