david parirenyatwa.jpgFounder and Executive Director of the Centre for Health Strategies, Dr David Parirenyatwa says there is urgent need for the government and other partners to invest heavily in health to improve the public health delivery system.  


Dr Parirenyatwa said this at a meeting to review the health sector since independence held in Harare.

Founder and executive director of the Centre for Health Strategies,  Dr David Parirenyatwa, who is a former Minister of Health and Child Welfare says  that the health sector has gone through challenges but as the country’s economy is now on a recovery path there is urgent need for the government and other partners to make significant investment in health so that the situation in the public hospitals can improve.

“We appreciate the difficulties in the health sector but there is urgent need for the government to start pouring money into this sector for revival,” said Dr. David Parirenyatwa .


The Centre for Health Strategies has assessed Zimbabwe’s health policies from 1980 to date, noting that the country has the best policies in the region but there has been failure to implement agreed policies which has resulted in the health sector failing to improve over the past few years.


The centre has also acknowledged the effects of sanctions in contributing to the decline in the health delivery system.


In his contribution at the meeting , Health Services Board Chairman,Dr Lovemore Mbengeranwa noted that the policy on staff retention adopted by government has been negatively affected by lack of funds and this has resulted in the mass exodus of experienced medical experts as the country is now a training ground for the region.

“We had a very good policy on staff retention but funds have not been available to ensure that we stop skills flight,” said Mr. Mbengeranwa.


The National AIDS Council Chief Executive,Dr Tapiwa Magure said the AIDS levy is arguably one of the best responses to HIV and AIDS by any country in the world and many countries in the region are emulating what the Zimbabwean government has done so far.

The meeting to review the health sector 30 years after Independence was attended by various medical experts, chief executive officers of government hospitals ,pharmacists, surgeons and other important stakeholders in the sector.