film festival 2.jpgThe Minister of Media, Information and Publicity, Cde Webster Shamu says the future of the film industry in Zimbabwe rests with core funding from central government and other national institutions in order for the sector to be viable.


Cde Shamu said this at the official opening of the Zimbabwe Film Industry Stakeholders Consultative Indaba in Harare.

He also said the government has a mandate to fund the film industry just like any other sector such as education which can use film as its vehicle in most of its programmes.

“Donors and private sector can only augment what governments will have initiated.

“It is always far easier to develop film in a society where performing arts are very vibrant,” said Cde Shamu.

Minister Shamu added that African governments have not woken up to their responsibilities as the authors of the visual arts and culture.

Local film-maker, Nobert Ferro and his Namibian counterpart, Vickson Hangula, both said government should come up with a film framework and a film development policy for creating the industrial requirement of a vibrant film sector and hoped that the indaba will address some of these issues.

The three-day indaba is being hosted by the Zimbabwe Film and Television School of Southern Africa and is running under the theme “The Film Sector in Zimbabwe and the Way Forward: A Step Towards Films by Zimbabweans for Zimbabweans.”

It is being attended by captains of the industry and film-makers from South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe.