atwell-mukusha 2011.jpgStakeholders in the information and technology sector have called on government to include their views in the upcoming ICT policy framework that shall pave way for a revised ICT bill.
The call comes against a background where the previous ICT bill proposals hit a snag after it emerged that some of the components in the proposed law encroached into other ministries.

This prompted the ICT Ministry to formulate a new policy framework that is expected to come up with fresh ICT bill proposals.

Computer Society of Zimbabwe president ,Mr. Artwell Mukusha said it is high time the Ministry of ICT engages with all stakeholders in this policy formulation process in a bid to capture the new requirements of all players in line with global technological advancements.

“We need to acknowledge that times have changed since the proposals of the ICT bill were formulated three years ago.


“We need to include certain factors that affect us as an industry in the new technological world,” Mukusha said.


Information Communication Technology Minister, Mr. Nelson Chamisa conceded the call by the industry saying government will see to it that the policy framework is an all sector inclusive guideline that shall be synonymous with regional and global trends.


“As government we note the concern of the industry. Let me assure you that our model will also encompass the models in COMESA, SADC and the rest of the world. This we want to ensure that cyber bullies will not be part of our society,” Mr. Chamisa said.

The Ministry of ICT is in the process of gathering information to come up with an ICT policy which shall be taken to cabinet for approval before a proposal bill to be debated by parliament is crafted by legal experts.