herbs.jpgGovernment says it is in the process of formulating a policy to monitor and regulate traditional and herbal medicines that are finding their way onto the Zimbabwean market and posing possible danger to ordinary Zimbabweans who are seeking medical attention.

Health and Child Welfare Deputy Minister, Dr. Douglas Mombeshora said his ministry is aware of such products sold by direct marketing and is trying to ensure that there is proper registration of these medicines tracking the importers.


He said this will bring transparency in the event of a person reacting to the medicine as a follow up can be made easily.

Commenting on the issue of medical practitioners who are instructing their patients to stop taking prescribed medication if there are using herbal or traditional medicines, Dr. Mombeshora said most of the traditional and herbal medicines are still under research and it is not advisable for practitioners to give such instructions to their patients.

The issue of herbal and traditional medicines finding their way into the country has worried some medical experts who say that there is no regulation to control this trade.


The experts say most of the so called medicines have not been clinically tested and there is a danger some could end up harming people’s health.


They feel that government should also ensure that these health products should be tested by the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe.