arthur mutambara.jpgGovernment is planning to introduce a human capital development fund aimed at assisting college and school leavers in creating self jobs in the economy.


The arrangement was revealed by Deputy Prime Minister, Professor  Authur Mutambara during the official launch of a careers fair in the capital where  college  and school leavers  gathered to get ideas on  getting jobs and creating employment opportunities.


Professor Mutambara said the fund will assist in solving unemployment challenges affecting the economy thereby enabling school leavers to explore business opportunities in key sectors of the economy.


“This is coming at a time when several school leavers are facing problems in getting jobs however we expect this to come to an end very soon,” he said.


The Deputy Prime Minister said it is high time local industry should implement value addition policies to increase the revenue generating base and create new jobs.


The careers fair is being held at a time when Government is focusing on policies to increase industrial production in a move expected to provide jobs and consolidate macro- economic gains achieved so far.