winterwheat1.jpgAt least 660 000 hectares of maize have so far been planted this season, amid expectations of a good harvest.

The maize hectarage planted is an improvement from 530 000 hectares which had been planted by the same period last year. 


Agriculture Mechanisation and Irrigation Development Minister, Dr Joseph Made said government will next year embark on a full crop and livestock assessment when farmers have finished planting late crops and after the mid-season drought phase in order to evaluate potential output.

Minister Made warned government officers who would be involved in the crop and livestock assessment not to release figures when the assessment begins as such issues are of a security nature.

He said countries which have imposed illegal sanctions against Zimbabwe will not be involved in the process.

Meanwhile, government has released US$20 ,4 million to the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) for payment to farmers who delivered grain.


US$8 million was released last week while the remainder will be released this week.


Of the amount US$500 000 will go towards payment of causal labour,US$600 000 for fumigation and US$400 000 will go towards grain storage.