grocery.jpgGovernment will next year embark on a US$2 million Incomes Consumption and Expenditure Survey (ICES) aimed at assisting economic planners on measures to increase economic growth.


Consultations on the ICES have been finalised, amid expectations that the plan will enable government to collect information needed in identifying challenges affecting consumer spending as well as measures to increase industrial production.
The  Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency Acting Director, Mr. Moffat Nyoni, said the survey, which was recently approved by government, will be carried around the country to assist economic planners in coming up with workable data on consumer pricing indices, industrial output and expenditure trends.


“All is now done and we just expect everything to be a reality come next year,  in a move aimed at increasing economic activity in the country,” said Nyoni.


Following the introduction of the multiple currency system in the country last year, the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency has been considering introducing the survey to assess the demand and supply for goods and services situation in the economy.


The Incomes, Consumption and Expenditure Survey, which will be carried out  in a 12-month period, is also aimed at consolidating economic gains that have been achieved as government targets at least 6% economic growth rate by year end.