morgan-tsvangirai2.jpgPrime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai says ,government will do its best to assist in the successful hosting of the forthcoming national youth games since it values sport as a stimulant for national healing.

The Harare metropolitan province national youth games local organising committee, took its national youth games countdown to Prime Minister Mr Morgan Tsvangirai’s office where they presented some of the challenges they are faced with.

Specifically, the committee indicated it is searching for US$380 thousand to buy kits for all provincial teams to create an even playing field hence the theme ‘games with a difference’.

Prime Minister Tsvangirai pledged his commitment to assisting the local organising committee saying the just ended world cup in South Africa taught him that nothing unites people more than sport.

 “The World Cup in South Africa showed how sport can unite people .I don’t think South Africa will ever be as united as they were during the World Cup. I also feel that in the Zimbabwean situation, there is nothing other than sport that can stimulate the national healing process. Yes government has its limitations but we will try to mobilize corporate support and talk to the responsible ministries so that they can create a conducive environment for all athletes and that you achieve your goals,” said Prime Minister Tsvangirai.

With less than 20 days to go before the games explode into life in the capital city , provincial teams are putting final touches to their preparations for the games which kick off on the 14th of August and end on the 22nd.