chitwn.jpgGovernment has set up a committee to investigate the hefty salaries and allowances awarded to senior council functionaries with a major aim of bringing sanity to the allocation of funds.


The high salaries that are paid to senior management in local authorities across the country gobble over seventy percent of all the revenue generated leaving insufficient amounts for service delivery and capital development projects.


It is against this background that government has established a committee headed by the deputy minister of local government, rural and urban development Mr. Cecil Zvidzai to institute investigations.


In a telephone interview, Mr. Zvidzai said the committee will only be able to release the findings after consultations with the responsible minister today.


Local authorities in the country awarded their employees high salaries in anticipation that ratepayers would be able to pay the high rates a move which backfired as revenue collected failed to match the high expectations.


Recently, Chitungwiza Municipality workers downed tools to compel management to pay salary arrears of up to four months, while the City of Harare is also struggling to pay its employees.


Some staff in local authorities are taking home as much as US$15 000 per month.


Last month, the Minister of Local Government, Rural and Urban Development, Dr Ignatius Chombo effected a freeze on a salary and allowances increase unless done in consultation with him.