vamurerwa.jpgGovernment has embarked on a drive to enhance skills in the country’s higher and tertiary education institutions through the exchange of cultural and scientific ideas among tertiary institutions and the business sector.  

 In a bid to showcase local research output and intellectual prowess as well as encourage innovative and exploratory thinking, the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education has launched the Research and Intellectual Expo to be held this September.

The Expo, which will run under the theme: “Leadership in Research and Intellectual Intelligence in Zimbabwe: Past present and Future,” will provide a platform for students to engage each other and exchange ideas on research and development initiatives as well as network with various local and international funding partners.

Speaking at an advocacy and publicity seminar for the expo, acting Higher and Tertiary Education Minister, Dr. Herbert Murerwa said there is need to consolidate ancient local wisdom exhibited by establishment of structures such as the Great Zimbabwe and various reputable scientists that the country has produced to overcome challenges which have slowed down the country’s socio-economic development.


The September expo will give local researchers and scientists an opportunity to display prototype products developed in Zimbabwe’s science, technology and innovation, including Integrated Skills Outreach Programmes (ISOP).


With participants in the expo ranging from intellectuals from institutions of Higher and Tertiary Education to industry, business and research centres, efforts are being made by the organising committee to attract diasporan Zimbabweans to come and showcase their activities and achievements.


Dr Murerwa said the exhibition of research findings will help scientists and researchers meet non-governmental organisations and other funders who might be willing to fund their researches.


Awards and prizes will also be presented to winners in various categories.


In a pamphlet released by the Research and Intellectual Expo Secretariat, the exhibition aims to stimulate debate on topical issues among various experts in science and research, thereby re-directing research activities towards society’s pertinent and existing challenges.

Research and Intellectual Expo Chairman, Professor Christopher Chetsanga said although Zimbabwe has the best literacy rate in Africa having overtaken Tunisia, local stakeholders have not yet utilised this intellect for economic development.


The Research and Intellectual Expo is set to become an annual showcase and will feature presentations on a wide range of subjects from engineering to the arts as well as exhibitions.