solar.jpgGovernment says the adoption of solar as an alternative and viable source of energy is one of the strategies to mitigate against the effects of climate change as it is renewable and environmentally friendly.

Representatives of governments, climate change experts, weather experts and other stakeholders are in Cancun Mexico to discuss on how the world can fight climate change which is one of the major global environmental, social and economic challenges.


However for Zimbabwe, the adoption of solar energy which is cleaner, is an important way to fight climate change as it does not release harmful emissions.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Energy and Power Development, Mr. Justin Mupamhanga says with the usage of greener sources of energy, the country will reduce not only the release of greenhouse gases especially carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, but will also ensure sustainable development.

“As government, our position is that solar energy use must be adopted on a large scale and  because of the challenges of climate change, we also need to play our part in reducing our emissions.


Besides being environmentally friendly, solar energy is also cheaper and sustainable.We have 300 says of sun per year so lets use our sun to generate energy.

Although government scrapped duty on solar components, there is need for local industry to venture into the manufacturing of solar equipment in light of the power deficit in the country and the region.