climate-change.jpgThe government has embarked on the crafting of a national climate change policy which is expected to give the country guidelines in dealing with the phenomenon of global warming which has affected rainfall patterns and increased the risk of droughts.

A committee comprising of Permanent Secretaries from different ministries as well as representatives of private companies, manufacturing industries and other organisations has been put in place to come up with well researched and practical recommendations that will make up a draft national climate change policy.

In an interview, Environment and Natural Resources Management Minister, Cde Francis Nhema said the committee is expected to come up with recommendations that can be adopted by government in fighting global warming.

He however said with clean water shortages looming in the region with Zimbabwe included water harvesting through the creation of little water reservoirs and protecting dams from siltation is one way the country can adapt from climate change.

Head of The Climate Change Office, Mr. Washington Zhakata welcomed the development adding that for a country to adapt to climate change there is need for a clear strategy outlined at a national policy level.

The crafting of a climate policy comes at a time when analysts have been criticising government for failing to come up with proper policy and legislation on the environment that can be enforced and followed by local companies.

This comes in the wake of failure by EMA to enforce an order prohibiting a Chinese company from constructing a hotel in a wetland as well as the failure by government to support the sale of ethanol as a green fuel.