no tobacco banner.jpgGovernment says it stands committed to reducing tobacco use ill-health effects, through effective implementation of tobacco control measures.


The pledge by government in lessening the effects of tobacco consumption, which came out during the occasion to mark the World No Tobacco Day, comes at the back of the World Health Organization ( WHO) report, which indicates that tobacco use continues to kill more than 5 million people worldwide each year.


Speaking on behalf of the Minister of Health and Child Welfare, Dr. Chris Tapfumanei, said the country is committed towards the reduction of effects of smoking through awareness programmes and enforcement of prevention policies.


The 2010 World No Tobacco Day was commemorated under the theme, “Gender and Tobacco with an emphasis on marketing for women.”


WHO Representative, Dr. Custodia Mandlhate, encouraged the country to protect women from tobacco marketing and from exposure to tobacco so as to reduce cases of heart attack, strokes and cancer.


Zimbabwe has in place Statutory Instrument 264 of 2002, which bans smoking in public places.


However, the country is among the few regional countries still to ratify the WHO Framework Convention of Tobacco Control aimed at reducing tobacco use.