morgan-tsvangirai2.jpgPrime Minister Mr Morgan Tsvangirai says government’s is committed towards addressing and fighting malnutrition which adversely affects economic development.


Mr Tsvangirai made the remarks at the launch of the Zimbabwe National Nutrition Survey for 2010 in Harare.

The Food and Nutrition Council of Zimbabwe carried out a national survey for 2010, which is aimed at providing government and its development partners with nutrition information that will be used in the resource planning and decision making process.

The survey has revealed a decrease in acute malnutrition, a decline in exclusive breastfeeding and an increase in the number of children suffering from chronic malnutrition.

Addressing guests at the launch of the survey results Prime Minister, Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai said the government is committed to addressing the challenge of malnutrition, which undermines economic growth and perpetuates poverty.

 “This launch comes at a time when the country has not produced sufficient food to feed itself due to recurrent droughts.


“Malnutrition is not a simple problem that can be addressed effectively through narrow technical solutions as it results from the complex interplay of social, political, cultural and economic factors,” said Prime Minister Tsvangirai.

Prime Minister Tsvangirai added that the country should prioritise fighting malnutrition.

Food and Nutrition Council of Zimbabwe , Acting director Mr. George Kembo who presented the report noted that the incidence of malnutrition in the country is as high as one in every three children and this has serious effects on the social and economic development .

Various line ministries which were represented at the launch include the Ministry of Science and Technology Development, Health and Child Welfare, Ministry of Labour and Social Services, Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Gender and Community Development.

Development partners; UNICEF and UK-Aid were also in agreement that scaling up nutrition requires a multi sectoral approach.  

The survey also showed that unless the problem of malnutrition is aggressively addressed, the country will not be able to achieve the Millennium Development Goal to halve poverty and hunger by year 2015.