nguni.pngGovernment says it is committed to assist farmers to secure agricultural inputs in time to ensure a successful 2010 to 2011 farming season.

The failure by some farmers to secure vital inputs such as seed and fertilizer in time has often resulted in low yields. But government says this will be a thing of the past as farmers will be assisted to acquire inputs.

Member of the House of Assembly for Mhondoro- Mubaira Constituency Cde Sylvester Nguni who was speaking at field day held at the Chitemere Homestead in Mashayamombe said an inputs loan scheme would be launched in his constituency to ensure that farmers are ready for the coming season.


The host farmer Mrs. Agnes Chitemere said she expects a bumper maize harvest this year.


Managing Director of a local seed producer Mr. Dennis Zaranyika said his company will be able to supply enough seed for farmers in time for the coming farming season.


The country has been facing a shortage of farming inputs in recent years and this coupled with erratic rains has resulted in poor yields and consequently food shortages.


Programs such as input loan schemes will enable farmers to plant in time to boost the country’s food production.