made.jpgGovernment has announced the new minimum maize producer price for the 2010/2011 marketing season which will see a tonne  costing  US$275.

The decision to review the maize producer price from the previously announced 265 to 275 dollars per tone follows a cabinet approval and is meant to ensure viability amongst farmers.

The latest maize producer price is expected to be the floor price at which the Grain Marketing Board GMB and all maize buyers should buy from farmers.

In a news briefing  in the capital ,Agriculture, Mechanization and Irrigation Development Minister Dr. Joseph Made said government is committed to ensuring that farmers get a fair deal from their farming activities and encouraged GMB to put in place mechanism to guarantee smooth delivery of grain to the depots.

 “All prices previously announced for this 2010/2011 marketing season by the grain marketing board has been set aside by this announcement with immediate effect”said Minister Made.

Dr. Made assured farmers of timeous payment for grain and called on GMB to open up more grain buying points that include mobile purchasing units for the convenience of the farmers.

The Grain Marketing Board initially pegged the maize floor price at US$325at the begining of the season before the price was revised downward to US$ 265.