Daves Guzha [L] and Joe Njagu

Films are not just art for art’s sake since they can be used to interrogate issues that affect society as exhibited by The Letter, a new film by seasoned producers, Daves Guzha and Joe Njagu.

Guzha and Njagu have co-produced a star- studded film titled The Letter which was inspired by events of 2015 when employers dismissed employees based on a landmark constitutional judgement.

The film revolves around the story of a lead character Simon played by Emmanuel Mbirimi, who sees his retirement dreams shattered when he is given the letter of dismissal just before he retires.

This resulted in him committing a string of unlawful deeds.

The film, already on the global stage courtesy of collaboration with the CMG International Media Group, is also providing an avenue to quench Zimbabweans in the Diaspora yearning for home grown films.

The film, which has a stellar cast of veteran actor Emmanuel Mbirimi, Sarah Mpofu, Bhutisi, Carol Mashingaidze and Henry Phiri from Zambia, also stars new talent in the form of Kuda Chimbi, Tinaye Wayne and Pride Mpofu.

Guzha and Njagu are well known for producing films like Sinners and Lobola, respectively.