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Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe says Zimbabweans should fully embrace political, economic, intellectual and moral independence.


He was speaking at the burial of the late Cde Boni Gumbochuma who was laid to rest at Kachere Farm in Concession.


He said there are 4 things which make one a complete human person: political independence on the physical sense; economic independence where people control their resources; intellectual independence where they have the capacity to control the economy and decide what is best for their country; and lastly, moral freedom, where the church and the state collaborate to bring upright morals in the human person.


“If we embody these principles in the country, we are working together. There is no difference between the church and the government in terms of their work. The church is there to enhance our political freedom whereby people are taught to respect and honour our values and norms,” added President Mugabe.

Cde Gumbochuma was married to the elder sister of the First Lady, Amai Grace Mugabe.

Speaking at the burial, President Mugabe who is related to the late through marriage, said traditionally Cde Gumbochuma was his elder brother because he was married to the elder sister of the First Lady Amai Mugabe.

“I respected him and in response he respected me on my positions both in the party and government,” President Mugabe said.

Cde Mugabe described the late as a loving father, brother and a Zanu-PF party cadre and a christian who later became an elder in the Zaoga church.

Cde Mugabe also said the moral decadence being propagated by some western countries of promoting homosexuality is an abomination of the people and urged Zimbabweans to reject the evil practice.

“Those who brought the Bible are now going against it. The likes of (George) Bush and (Tony) Blair invaded Iraq after lying that there were weapons of mass destruction, yet they were in fact after oil, petrol and diesel there.

“Here in Zimbabwe, Blair lied that we are killing, shooting people and human rights and rule of law are not being recognised, people are living in fear. But we knew that he was fighting us for taking back our land, hence he had to bring in the issue of human rights and rule of law. How can he (Blair) say there is no democracy when that’s what we fought for?” said President Mugabe.

gumbochuma 26.10.10.jpgThousands of people who among them include government ministers, the political class in Mashonaland Central province, senior Zanu-PF officials and service chiefs attended the burial of the late comrade.