cellou dalein diallo of guinea.jpgGuinea will hold a run-off in its presidential election later this month after the former prime minister, Cellou Dalein Diallo, fell short of a majority in the first round on 27 June.


The election commission said Mr Diallo won 39,72% of the vote, well ahead of the veteran opposition leader, Alpha Conde, who got 20,67%.

This is the first democratic election in the mineral-rich West African state since it gained independence from France in 1958.

It has been governed by a military junta for the past 18 months since the death of its long-time leader, Gen Lansana Conte, in 2008.

Meanwhile, Mr Alpha Conde’s party has said it will challenge some poll results in the courts.

 Candidates have until 8 July to contest the results in the Supreme Court, which must then make its ruling within three days.