A  Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander has urged the country’s uniformed forces are there to protect the country at all cost.

These officers and non commissioned officers have just finished some top courses in communication at this school of signals and are graduating with one vision ‘to defend the country’s national integrity’.     

Addressing delegates during a graduation ceremony at the Zimbabwe National Army School of Signals today, Commander Bulawayo Brigade Colonel Ratham Moyo said the uniformed forces should protect the country at all times.                               

Colonel Moyo said the destiny of this country should be guided by its touching history which saw several men and women perishing in their quest to see a liberated Zimbabwe.       

The Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander said the country’s economic fortunes will soon change for better as government will soon be fully implementing sanctions busting measures like the economic blue print ZIM ASSET at full throttle.     

The graduation ceremony which comprised members of the national army and the Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Services witnessed a number of outstanding students walking away with various prizes.