A top military official has warned the uniformed forces to guard against corruption, nepotism and criminal abuse of office as 107 non-commissioned officers graduated at the School of Military Police at HQ1 Brigade in Bulawayo.

The graduation was held after members of the uniformed forces had completed five courses which were run in the first half of the year.

The graduands of these courses were drawn from the Zimbabwe National Army, Air Force of Zimbabwe, police, Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services and one student from Swaziland Defence Forces Military Police.

Guest of honour, Colonel Shakeman Chizengwe applauded the graduands for their hard work which was coupled by logistical challenges.

He reminded the security personnel that the purpose of criminal investigations is not for personal gain but for the purposes of criminal prosecution, hence they should be level headed.

Among the graduates were five female officers who proved that women have made strides in breaking the barriers of male dominated professions.