Small holder farmers have been encouraged to grow profitable seed varieties that improve food security at household level.

Speaking to small holder farmers at Exchange Irrigation Scheme field day in Silobela, seed expert, Mr Ivan Craig and Provincial Livestock and Crop Officer, Virginia Nare advised farmers to take farming as a business and grow profitable seed varieties.

“If small holders are equipped with knowledge and skill combined with suitable seed varieties, it can go a long way in combating the threat of food scarcity which is being exacerbated by changing global climatic conditions,” noted Mr Craig. 

Silobela Agritex Officer, Mrs Isabel Mutero urged beneficiaries of command agriculture inputs to settle their outstanding bills to the government so that the programme can continue to benefit other farmers.

With erratic weather patterns being experienced in the country due to changing climatic conditions, supporting small holder farmers remains a priority for the country  especially developing irrigation schemes to ensure food security in the event the rains fail.