nhema francis2.jpgLocal industries and companies have been urged to start greening their operations so as to reduce pressing environmental challenges facing the continent.

The call was made by the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Management, Cde Francis Nhema while addressing journalists to mark this year’s Africa Environment Day commemorations in Harare.

Cde Nhema called on local industry and companies to take necessary corrective measures to green and protect the environment from degradation and deterioration that comes as a result of industrial development and expansion.

Cde Nhema said, “The greening of the economy requires all stakeholders to make bold and painful decisions considering that some of the pillars of economic development such as mining and agriculture are contributing to the destruction of the environment and its natural resources hence the need to find new sustainable ways of developing the economy.”

Cde Nhema said the greening the economy initiative has come in Zimbabwe against a background of the global trend of high levels of industrialisation which has increased emissions of greenhouse gases.

“It has become important than ever before for all Zimbabweans to adopt the main sectors of a green economy among them renewable energy, clean transportation, water management and sustainable agriculture among others,” Cde Nhema said.

In Zimbabwe, a number of local companies are going green by implementing various techniques and strategies to improve the environment such as adopting a stretch of road to keep free from litter or implementing strict policies such as recycling and the purchasing of machinery that emits less green house gases.

Africa commemorates the Environment Day every year on the 3rd of March and the day was established by the then Organization of African Unity in 2002.

This year, the national commemorations will be held on the 2nd of March in the form of an Environmental seminar under the theme “Greening the Economy- Play Your Part.”