green party.jpgThe Republic of Ireland’s Green Party is pulling out of the ruling coalition, a move expected to bring forward the general election due on 11th March.


The Greens’ announcement to resign from the governing coalition,wipes out its two-seat majority in parliament and puts into question the passage of a vital Finance Bill.


It also follows the decision by Prime Minister Brian Cowen on Saturday to quit as leader of his Fianna Fail party(FFP) but decided to stay on as prime minister.


FFP had urged the Greens’ to stay in government to ensure the Financial Bill  which is needed as part of Ireland’s international bail-out package which was passed before the election.


The coalition had been struggling since Ireland’s crippled economy forced it to accept a bailout by the European Union and International Monetary Fund last year.When asked whether he would now resign immediately, Mr. Cowen said getting the Finance Bill through was the main issue.


There has been increasing worries that the Finance Bill which is one of the measures that followed the EU bailout late last year may fail to get passed.