Sometimes life has its own way of just doling out a cruel fate.

Nobody knows it better than 71 year old Shurugwi Gogo Dube.

Arriving at Gogo Dube’s homestead, one is confronted by the old lady’s humility and smile which almost camouflage her troubles.

The old lady has been attending to her 7-year old niece, Bhekisipho who was diagnosed with skin cancer at the age of three.

The family could not get help until doctors declared the condition beyond any treatment.

A village volunteer, who walks 8kms to Gogo Dube’s homestead, said the Department of Social Welfare failed to offer any solutions when young Bhekisipho could have been assisted.

Ironically, the legislator for the area is none other than Cde Tapiwa Matangaidze, a former deputy minister under which the Social Welfare Department fell.

Gogo Dube has resigned her fate to the Almighty as she continues to fend for four other grandchildren on her own.

Away from the probing eye of all the city bustle, young Bhekisipho’ soul like the meaning of her name that literally says: ‘look at this gift’ continues to yearn for attention.