Grade 7 pupils from schools in Bulawayo have taken advantage of the post examination programmes initiated by the government to equip themselves with various life skills.

The post examination period has become a turning point for Bulawayo Grade 7 pupils who are being capacitated with life skills that include food science, agriculture and clothing technology. 

Unlike in the yester-years where Grade 7s would stop attending school after writing examinations, pupils are now compelled to continue learning until the end of the term.

ZBC News visited some schools in the province to observe skill enhancement activities undertaken by Grade 7 pupils.

The Acting Bulawayo Provincial Education Director, Olicah Kayira highlighted that the post examination programme is an important component of the updated curriculum which needs support from parents and other stakeholders in the education sector.

The same sentiments were echoed by SOS School Head, Irene Sibanda who pointed out that in the updated curriculum, primary schools are now challenged not only prepare pupils academically but also to capacitate them with  practical skills.

The post exam programmes are some of the positive outcomes of the updated curriculum introduced this year.