grade ones.jpgGrade 1 has been described as an official confirmation to the little ones that the playing days are over.


Every opening day, the newly enrolled first graders encounter that defining moment amid nervousness, excitement and predictions that they will shine throughout their academic tenure.


Do you remember when you started Grade 1? The fear, the excitement and the confusion? The captivating atmosphere that unveiled a unique environment that totally left you amazed?


To some, it is a day to treasure, to others, a day to embrace with fear and uncertainty.


ZBC News caught up and spoke to some Grade 1 pupils who were trying to find their footing on their first day at school.


“School is interesting. My mother used to tell me that I am still young to go to school but she has finally allowed me to go,” said one Grade 1 pupil.

Teachers who spoke to ZBC News off camera expressed joy and anticipation in trying to help the new kids settle down in school.


They say a routine usually kicks off by introducing themselves and creating a conducive atmosphere meant to make the little ones feel at ease.


While the first day is perceived by these little ones as more of a storybook setting, the impacts will define the fortunes of the nation.


And enrolling for first grade is just but the first step. The routine will be back and forth between home and school but the first day leaves deep imprints that will be treasured for time immemorial.