gpa.jpgThe three principals in the Global Political Agreement (GPA), President Robert Mugabe, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara have hailed 2010 as a progressive year.

At a joint news conference at State House in Harare, to convey their Christmas message and New Year wishes to the people of Zimbabwe, the three principals said the year has seen the country attaining greater peace, political and economic stability.


In his message, Cde Mugabe said he is happy that the Zimbabwean leaders, who started off as disparate parties with grievances against one another have worked together during the past year on a mission to improve the lives of the 13 million Zimbabweans.


He said although the 3 principals are from different political parties and ideologies, they had the priority to establish peace in the country after finding each other under the GPA, leading to greater political stability under the establishment.

Cde Mugabe added that the inclusive government has done a lot to improve economic performance although there is more to be done to reach the desired levels.

He said some of the institutions that have been created under the inclusive government need to be capacitated to improve their delivery capacity.

The President however pointed out that the GPA is not a permanent establishment and that some processes are being undertaken to prepare for elections.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai concurred with President Mugabe’s assessment of the past year that progress was made in several areas but inadequate resources were the main hindrance to greater progress.

Mr Tsvangirai re-emphasised the need for the maintenance of peace and stability for progress.

He said contrary to assertions from external sources, the inclusive government is alive and that it will not collapse as purported by outsiders.

Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara also described 2010 as a productive and hectic year for the inclusive government and stressed that the three principals should concentrate on issues they share and not their differences.

Meanwhile, responding to a question on election violence, Cde Mugabe clarified that leaders are not the creators of violence and urged the media to help create peace in election situations.

“We are not there when violence occurs but we want our voices against violence to be heard. Peace, peace, peace must prevail,” said President Mugabe.

Mr Tsvangirai also added his voice that the demon of violence should be cast out for peaceful elections.