gpa.jpgChurches have been called upon to be on the fore-front in uniting Zimbabweans and calling for the removal of the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by Britain and its western allies. 

The call was made in an interview with ZBC News from a member of the Methodist Church Choral Group, Masimba Edenga, Mr Bright Gombakomba.

He also urged the three principals in the inclusive government to speak with one voice over the removal of the illegal sanctions.


 Mr Gombakomba said the sanctions are not only affecting the country’s economy but are also causing untold suffering to Zimbabweans.

At the just ended 11th ZANU-PF Annual Congress held in Mutare, Head of State and Government and Commander- in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe said laws should be put in place to make sure that those who call for the imposing of sanctions against the country are charged with treason.