Business players and those in the agro industry have commended government’s drive to implement its economic empowerment policies which are premised in the 10 point plan that gave birth to the successful command agriculture programme.

The players say public and private sector synergies are now vital in ensuring the successful revival of the economy.

Last year the government was burdened with a huge import bill which was largely caused by grain importation to mitigate the effects of a prolonged drought which had affected the country.

Today, the country is struggling with ensuring  it has enough storage space for maize following the successful implementation of command agriculture.

This according to ARDA board chairman Mr Basil Nyabadza is testimony enough of the effectiveness of the command agriculture programme which picks its thrust from point one of government’s ten point plan that speaks of revitalising agriculture and the agro-processing value chain.

For a local mining equipment manufacturing firm which benefited from a government backed facility to construct mining equipment for artisanal miners public private sector partnerships such as was testified through the command agriculture are vital for transforming other sectors of the economy.

While Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce president Mr Davison Norupiri says government’s policies including SI64 of 2016, and command agriculture have revived ailing industry and made it possible for investors to come and partner local industry which is a positive step towards the complete revival of the economy.

Command agriculture as adopted by government seeks to revive agriculture as the mainstay of the economy and will see the complete utilisation of arable land through farmer support in the small scale and large scale sectors and in both the grain and livestock sectors.