smoking n cancer.jpgThe Cancer Association of Zimbabwe has hailed government’s commitment in implementing some of the strategies set out in the National Cancer Prevention and Control Plan.

While not all cancers are related to HIV and AIDS, the advent of the pandemic has seen a marked increase in cancer cases in Zimbabwe.

Various stakeholders in the health sector, including cancer survivors, have been lobbying for the establishment of a cancer levy to help lessen the burden of treatment costs. 

Cancer Association of Zimbabwe Knowledge Manager, Mr. Tafadzwa Chigariro, said the commitment and pace shown by government so far gives hope that the establishment of a cancer levy is achievable.  

The most common cancers among Zimbabweans include Kaposi sarcoma, cervical cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Nearly 60% of all new cases are linked to HIV.

Among other issues, the cancer association is also lobbying for the decentralisation of cancer prevention and control programme with structures similar to those of the National Aids Council.

At least 7 000 new cases of cancer are recorded every year in Zimbabwe.