The government is working on amendments on the qualifications for one to be councillor to ensure ratepayers are not short-changed through hefty and unfair exit packages as well as enhanced service delivery.

The Minister of Local Government, Rural Development and National Housing, Cde Saviour Kasukuwere said the government has observed unholy alliances that disadvantage rate payers and this has to be rectified through an amendment of the existing law to safeguard residents.

“The proposed new law is meant to safeguard the properties of small towns which have been on the receiving end when senior officials get huge amounts of terminal benefits plus their vehicles and some other assets. In some instances, residents are also forced to keep replacing company vehicles every time an executive changes jobs to another municipality, taking away all his benefits and leaving the authority to buy new assets for the next executive,” he said.

In the same vein, Cde Kasukuwere said politicians who apply for senior positions in local authorities will not be entertained.

He said any politician, who is in parliament, ward, or party position will not be allowed to contest for town clerk positions.

His remarks come hot on the heels of recent revelations that a former minister in the inclusive government, Tapiwa Mashakada is among those vying for the Harare Town Clerk job in interviews conducted recently.

Incumbent Acting Town Clerk, Ms Josephine Ncube and businessman, Nigel Chanakira have been sidelined.

The new requirements for one to qualify for the town clerk position therefore means that Mashakada’s attempts to land the top job becomes a nullity.