Stakeholder consultations on the development of legislation to help regulate the application of DNA evidence in both civil and criminal matters have began in Harare.

The use of DNA evidence is an established science that has proved to be a useful tool in the investigation of both civil and criminal cases.
Acting Prosecutor General, Advocate Ray Goba said prosecution of complex cases is affected by lack of evidence and DNA evidence legislation is very critical for justice to prevail.

Africa Institute of Bio-Medical Science and Technology DNA Testing Centre Chief Scientist, Professor Colleen Masimirembwa said the new bill will motivate the government to build capacity on forensic technology.

“The law will be critical in the investigation of crimes where DNA profiles will assist the criminal justice system,” he said.

Analysts believe that the DNA billĀ  will transform the justice delivery system.

A DNA sample is an extract from biological samples such as blood, saliva, hair, tissue or seminal fluids and no two individuals have the same DNA configuration.