Government is working on modalities of the command livestock, fisheries and wildlife programme which outline how beneficiaries of the programme can be involved.

Following the launch of the command livestock, fisheries and wildlife programme on 21 December last year, government has been inundated with inquiries from farmers who want to be involved.

In a telephone interview, principal director for livestock and veterinary services Dr Unesu Ushewokunze Obatulu said financiers and investors have expressed great interest in the command livestock programme adding the ministry is now working on finer details of the scheme to map out how beneficiaries will be dealing with private sector companies involved in both finance and production.

The festive season closure of several companies has been the only delay to the outline of exact procedures that farmers will have to follow to benefit.

Dr Obatulu said once the procedure is outlined, the ministry will issue a public pronouncement.

The $432 million command livestock programme focuses on improving market led production, nutrition security and exports.