Vice President Rtd Gen. Dr Constantino Chiwenga

Government has given a stern warning to all those bent on sabotaging the country’s economic turnaround programme through illicit financial dealings.

In his keynote address during the 13th edition of the Economic Consultative Forum and ZITF Company organised ZITF International Business Conference, Vice President Dr Constantino Chiwenga, said that government would not sit back and watch some unscrupulous people spoil the efforts of economically uplifting the country to improve the lives of masses.

“Illicit financial dealings had a negative impact on the efforts by government hence time has come for action to be taken,” he said.

Vice President Chiwenga also took the opportunity to challenge the country to make full use of its natural resources in the quest to turn around the economy.

“It’s now time to take advantage of the abundant natural resources in the country to turnaround the fortunes of the economy and improve our livelihoods,” Dr Chiwenga said.

He further stated that the transitional stabilisation programme (TSP) was key in implementing requisite structural reforms, some of which painful but necessary.

The Vice President went on to speak on government’s displeasure at the slow pace of implementation of the ease and cost of doing business reforms with the Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency set to be established to address any bottlenecks.

Meanwhile, the delegation was informed of an impending introduction of the Zimbabwe National Industrial Policy (2019 – 2023), for which business and labour were called upon to embrace.

The conference ran under the theme: “Industrial Growth as an Anchor for Achieving Vision 2030”.