Government has warned dishonest farmers who are wantonly breaching contracts with investors to desist from doing so or risk losing their land.

While government instituted a policy encouraging joint ventures, public private partnerships and contract farming arrangements between farmers and investors to enhance productivity in agriculture it has emerged a cross section of farmers is arbitrarily breaching these agreements once investors have erected capital machinery. 

Deputy Minister of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement Cde Davis Marapira said the ministry received a lot of complaints and will now take punitive action chief of which is the withdrawal of offer letters to the unfaithful farmers.

“In most cases farmers lure investors, they come in put in irrigation pipes, pivots, pump stations and then the farmers change goal posts and say i have found a better offer. As a ministry we found it very negative since we are trying to attract capital. We are coming up with very punitive measures,” he said.

Cde Marapira said some investors are also being insincere and breaching contracts hence the ministry will also take action which will result in them ceding their investments and being unable to do business in Zimbabwe.

He advised farmers and investors undertaking joint venture agreements, public private partnerships and contract arrangements to have them endorsed by the Minister of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement so that both parties are protected against dishonest conduct.