arthur-mutambara.jpgDeputy Prime Minister, Professor Arthur Mutambara has urged government to fund information communication and technology (ICT) as the sector has become a key driver of economies.

Speaking to journalists after touring stands at the closing day of this year’s ICT Africa exhibition, Professor Mutambara said funding ICT is essential as it has become a key driver of economies the world over.


“ICT would revolutionise and affect everything – education, for example, can u imagine a young woman in Tsholotsho, Chimanimani, Dotito having access to notes from Harvard, having access to notes from Oxford, having access to notes from MIT.


“This is a notion of what we call disintermediation where you are taking away the classroom, taking away the teacher and people are learning directly from the internet,” said Professor Mutambara.


The last day of the exhibition was marked by career guidance sessions presented to school children by ICT industry players.

This year’s event has seen a total of 71 exhibitors participating from a figure of about 60 in 2010 showing an increase of over 18%, showing also an increase of space taken up by the ICT players.

There were three international exhibitors.