housing coorperatives 21-09-10.jpgThe Zimbabwe National Association of Housing Cooperatives says there is need for the government to allocate funds for housing cooperatives in the next budget as they are critical in housing provision for the poor.


While housing cooperatives have emerged as the best way of proving accommodation for the majority of low income earners, financial constraints, especially in the construction of bulk offsite and onsite infrastructure is hampering progress.


The Zimbabwe National Association of Housing Cooperatives says the Ministry of Finance should widely consult housing cooperatives to get their input.


The association’s Chairman, Mr. Ticharwa Kagu said while cooperatives pull resources together for construction purposes, the servicing of land usually done by local authorities is now a major burden.


“In the past, local authorities used to provide serviced land for housing, but for the past 10 or so years they have been failing. This has become a major challenge as members cannot afford to raise funds for the critical infrastructure,” said Mr Kagu.


Harare North Housing Cooperatives Chairman, Mr. Misheck Mangwende said appeals to the Ministry of National Housing and Social Amenities for funding have been fruitless, hence the appeal to the fiscus for development funds in the form of soft loans.   


He said: “We would appreciate a situation whereby there is a revolving fund specifically targeting housing cooperatives. It would be very ideal.”
Government has not embarked on any major construction projects for the past 10 years owing to sanctions induced economic challenges and housing cooperatives have become critical stakeholders in housing provision.