The government is set to invest $15 million in the upgrade of the Feruka pipeline to enable pumping of 16 million litres daily, which puts to rest the need for a second channel to transmit fuel into the country.

Currently six million litres are being pumped daily and as part of upgrades to the Feruka-Msasa pipeline, a booster pump will be installed at the Wilton Station in Makoni district and two others in Mozambique.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Energy and Power Development Mr Patson Mbiriri says improvement in pumping infrastructure will result in the country being able to store fuel while 480 million litres will be supplied monthly while eliminating the need to transport the commodity via road.

Petrozim-line, which owns and operates the 208 kilometre long Feruka-Msasa pipeline and is responsible for the bulk transportation of liquid and other gaseous fuels in the county’s certification in environmental management and the occupational health and management systems, is being seen as a confidence booster as it gears up for expansion.

The firm deliverers around 80 percent of the country’s petrol and diesel requirements and possesses key infrastructure such as the pump station at feruka, the tank farm at Msasa and the pump station at Wilton near Marondera.