The government says it will continue to promote the production of content in all the 16 national languages through digital broadcasting to enable the country to reclaim its heritage.

The Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Dr Chris Mushohwe made the remarks at the content creators meeting held at Edmund Davies Hall in Hwange.

The second day of the content creators meeting held in Hwange, saw the Zim-Digital team explaining to musicians, poets, film actors and independent producers  the reasons why content is required and the benefits that will accrue to them in digital broadcasting.

Dr Mushohwe says government will ensure that the 16 national languages are treated equally in digital broadcasting in line with the new constitution.

“We need every part of Zimbabwe to have access to digital broadcasting, to reclaim our heritage and that can be done if the 16 national languages are promoted. Let us clean that notion in our minds. We used to call that minority languages, minority to who? All the 16 languages are equal to every nation. We want to see Nambya being taught in Chipinge, we want to see Ndau being taught in Hwange and unless you understand somebody`s culture you will not understand each other. Why should English be more important than your mother language? We are one and we need to discover each other more and we can only do that through digitalisation,” said Dr Mushohwe.

Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation acting chief executive officer Mr Patrick Mavhura and his counterparts from Transmedia and Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe told the content creators that the programme will avail  opportunities from which they can make a living.

Chief Hwange, representatives of Hwange Rural District Council, Hwange Colliery and government departments also attended the meeting.

The three day programme which is targeting areas which speak national languages other than Ndebele and Shona will see the Zim-Digital team proceeding to Binga for similar meetings this Saturday (tomorrow).